Predictions for the Upcoming Fashion Season

As we are gradually moving towards a new fashion season, we would like to provide you with a forecast of the trends to watch out for. If you are planning a wardrobe re-shuffle, here is what you need to keep in mind:


-The prominent shoulder look is slated to be the major trend in the upcoming season. You could play it safe by choosing a jacket with protruding shoulders, long, narrow sleeves, and a short coat length. You could also try short dresses with short sleeves and aprominent shoulder.


-Black is predicted to be the colour of the upcoming season. I would also recommend nude shades. Because of this,you may want to put a hold on all the superbright jewel colours that were preferred in the summer. Geometric and graphic prints, however, are still going strong. Future trends see us moving away fromflowery prints to more androgynous ones. Glitter is back but subdued with large doses of black.


-The flowery silhouette is giving way to the more defined silhouette. Narrow pants and short tops are back, as well as flashy textures.

-When it comes tojeans, ripped, dyed and faded ones are in. The more tattered the better! The trend is currently skinny jeans but if you don’t have the body type for them, it’s best to stick to the boot cut ones. Try colours other than blue: go with pale pink jeans anda white top for a safe bet. If you were a fan of the harem pant trend this summer, stick with it. You may want to experiment with stockings as well. Keep them sheer but with patterns and designs on them. Boots will rule the scene; be it fringed, buckled, or patterned ones.


-Studs of the metallic kindlook good on jackets, sandals, and handbags. Ditch the “bling-bling” finger rings and chandelier earrings. Focus on single pieces of eye-catching jewelry for the neck instead. As a replacement, you could choose the multi-layered chain that reaches up to your waist or statement necklaces.


-For hair, the more styled, rock-inspired look will be coming back.Hair gelled to stand up and patterns shaved into the hair will become more popular.


-Now if you have decided what items in your wardrobe you will keep and what you will buy for the coming season, it’s time to sit back and see how true these predictions are.

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