Tuxedo Suits Why Are Tuxedos Called Monkey Suits?

Tuxedo suits are meant for special occasions. For a party, marriage or any other formal get together; tuxedos are the best solution for men.

Tips for Choosing Right Tuxedos For Yourself:

There are few things which you must keep in mind while selecting a Tuxedos for yourself:

  • Tuxedos With Tails:

    Tuxedo suits with tails must be worn only by those individuals who are tall and have a fairly good physic and long legs. If you have a round body and do not have good height, tuxedos suits with tails are totally not for you.

  • Single Breasted Tuxedos Suits:

    If you are choosing a single breast tuxedo suit then keep in mind the number of button it carries. If you are tall and slim, you can go for three or four buttons on your single breast tuxedos suit. If you are short and heavy then go for only one or two buttons.

  • Double Breasted Tuxedos Suit:

    These suits looks great on every one, but stout men look more dignified in them.

  • Color Of Tuxedos Suit:

    Tuxedos are normally available in black. You can go for dark blue tuxedos or even white. White tuxedos are worn mostly in summers between May and September.

How To Wear Tuxedos Suit:

While wearing a tuxedo suit you must remember that it is worn with formal trousers, which have a pleaded front. You must avoid wearing a waist coat under the double waist tuxedo suit. Always wear black socks with black shoes. Even if you are wearing a white tuxedo suit, you must wear black shoes, black bow tie and a white shirt. Avoid wearing a prettied bow tie with a tuxedo.

Why Are Tuxedos Called Monkey Suits?

Tuxedos are considered Monkey suits because of their look. Some Tuxedos have a tail attached to them. Because of this reason this slogan is attached with  Tuxedo suits.

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