Ladies Leather Sandal, How Do I Wash Leather Sandals, Do Leather Sandal Stain Feet

Sandals are the favorite footwear for women. They give a fashionable and trendy look to their wearers. Leather sandals are most liked by working women. They can give an elegant look to all types of dresses. Normally, women keep a good collection of leather sandals. But to maintain them is a big deal. Saddle soaps can be used to clean them. Baking powder is another material which will clean the leather as well as deodorize them.

How Do I Wash Leather Sandals?

Leather sandals are difficult to clean. Cleaning leather shoes can fade the color and appearance of leather. Before cleaning any leather material, first try cleaning the invisible part of leather. You can see the results, and then apply on the whole material. In order to clean them without spoiling the leather a few precautions must be taken.

  • Never wash leather shoes directly with water.
  • In order to clean leather, just place a small amount of gentle soap over the shoes and wipe it with damp cloth.
  • Do not rinse shoes in damp water. Polish it with dry towel.
  • Saddle soaps can also be used for cleaning leather. After cleaning, just spray the bottoms with a light spritz of Febreze. Saddle soaps clean and soften leather without using water.

Do Leather Sandal Stain Feet?

Wearing a closed sandal for a whole day can stain feet. Even open sandals can stain feet during summer months. Staining of feet takes place when sandals are worn for long hours. The continuous friction between the foot and sandal results in sweating, and the feet stain. Shoes and feet stink so badly because of the staining of the feet.

In order to prevent this, make sure that you wash and clean your feet properly. Give your feet fresh air by removing sandal 2-3 times during the day. This will prevent them from staining.

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