Seventies Fashion, Fashion Disco Seventies

Fashion of the seventies had more accessories than ever before. Overcoats in leather and denim were the latest trend at that point. Hippie culture and disco culture were counter acting each other. Casual and queer cut coats were in fashion. Some other aspects of the fashion in seventies are:

Overcoats/ Short Coats:

Overcoats were made up of leather and were worn over trendy Hawaiian shirts. Revival of short coats took place in bright colors. They were made from shiny material and worn with brightly colored, open collared shirts with no bow, tie etc.

Leather/Denim Jackets:

Jackets were also in fashion at that time. Leather jackets were brown or black in color and had heavy ornaments all over them, while the denims were casual. These were found in ice blue color and were worn in combination with the same color bell bottom jeans.

Fashion Disco Seventies:

During the seventies, fashion of discos was at a peak. The women of this era wore miniskirts, maxi-dresses, midi skirts, or pants etc. As far as the evening dress was concerned, women wore full length maxi dresses, evening trousers, or glamorous halter neck cat suits. Evening wear also included either straight or flared empire line dresses with a sequined fabric bodice, and exotic sleeves were the style for special occasions. One of the frequently worn styles was the “granny dress” with a high neck. Sometimes, the neck was pie-crust frille dor lace trimmed. Such costumes had a floral print design in a warm brush fabric or a viscose rayon crepe, which draped and gathered well in an empire like style. Pants were normally worn by females in disco. They gave an elegant look to the women of that era.

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