Seventies Clothing, Retro Seventies Clothing

Seventies clothing holds a special place in American culture. Shirts of tie-dye and worn jeans were the look of the day. Hip huggers, bell-bottom jeans, donning patches, and using a variety of bleaching and dying techniques were popular.

Females also wore torn or faded jeans or pants with long knee socks, or a floral patterned granny dress. Very long high looking heels were worn with everything. The mini skirt was still in fashion, but the new entry was the maxi dress that came to the mid-calf region to ankle length. Maxi dresses were also very popular for formal functions.

Retro Seventies Clothing:

This year’s fashion is about the reinvention of the fashion that existed long back in the seventies. It brought back the nostalgia of that period but with a change. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Pants are narrower, colors are smarter, and layering can be seen. A contrast of style which combines classy and casual at the same time.
  • It is no longer black & white now. You can go for a shirt with bold stripes or turtle neck sweaters, add splashes of color with plaid ties or a tweed jackets.
  • Dressing in winter is an art form; if you are thin then you can go for tapered flat-fronted pants and sleek slimmer cuts, but if you are tall and thin then go for layering, avoid pin-strips and vertical strips. Selecting tight fitting tops with straight pants will be suggested.
  • If you are heavy go for soft wool fabrics rather than chunky tweeds. Stay away from horizontal stripes while wearing jackets. Go for two-three styled button dresses. Never go for narrow leg trousers or tight fitting cardigans.

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