Foot-ware Trends this Season

Stockings with HeelsCage shoesFeature heelsGladiators

Shoes this season are all about attention. All major designer labels have brought out collections of footwear that are eye- catching to the extent that the rest of the attire would have to be toned down, in order to keep the accent on the shoes. Such shoes are called statement pieces. Bright red or yellow heels are a case in point. They dominate and add power to your look. They would have to be teamed up with neutral coloured attire (white, nude, black etc) so that the colours don’t conflict.

Bondage shoes with studs, large zippers and chains work well this season.  Ankle- straps have only grown in popularity all year long. You could try the metallic look with shades of silver on black or simply go for the Bohemian look with plenty of fringes, beads and stones. Pair up sandals and open toed foot-ware with lace or fish- net stockings.  The cage shoes by YSL have been popularized by everyone from Rihanna to Kate Moss.

Warm weather and Gladiator sandals are made for each other. They let the toes breathe. The more the buckles, the merrier. Alternatively, try Egypt- inspired sandals in turquoise blue. If it is comfort you seek, try the deck shoes. These accompany the nautical style clothes well and are flat, providing enough room for the toes. They are this season’s replacement for the ballet shoes. Sneakers still take the hip hop look with the gold on cream combination staying popular.

 If you are, however, considering adding several inches to your height without breaking your back, you could invest in wedges. Try and go for colourfully printed cloth instead of plain leather. Large bows or buttons add to the pretty quotient. The more adventurous can try the feature heel. It has the heel shaped into different forms and is likely to pull attention.

 – Lena Fernandez

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