EcoganicEco Ganik Environmentally Friendly Clothing

Green is no longer in fashion. Green is a symbol of greenery. So to preserve, modern fashion has change trends of manufacturing clothes. Now the trend is to have Eco- Friendly and organic clothes.

For the first time in fashion history, designers Emily Santa more and Melissa Sack have created a clothing lining that uses only Ingeo Fabrics. Synthetic and sustainable, Ingeo Fabric is composed of fermented corns. It is both environmentally friendly and trendy.

Eco Ganik is a fashion designer company that uses only certified organic and eco-friendly fabrics. It has a steadfast mission to promote use of pesticide free and low impact dye fiber. But using eco-friendly fabric does not mean that they compromise on style. Their products have exclusive designs.

In today’s fashion world, environmentally friendly designers have successfully combined style with eco friendly fashion. They have a flair for fashion and have used their creativity to offer trendsetter, earth-friendly attire to their customers.

Environmentally Friendly Clothing:

Environmentally friendly clothing means eco-friendly clothes. While purchasing, we all take care of the style, design, and brand, but we do not pay attention if they are eco-friendly or not. Eco-friendly fabrics have the following characteristics:

  • Clothes have minimum use of chemicals and pesticides.
  • They are prepared in the best of land management areas.
  • They practice a sustainable amount of farming.
  • They are animal friendly.
  • The production practices fair trade practices.

After purchasing and using eco-friendly clothes you will come to know that they are prepared without using any harsh chemicals or pesticide, and above all they are healthy for both the environment and us.

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