African American Natural Hair Care – Gray Hair, and History

African American natural hair is not easy to care for. Actually, it is a daunting undertaking as African American hair is dry and kinky. But, by using a broad brush etc., hair care can be achieved. Grey African American hairs are caused by various deficiencies, or it can be genetic.

Steps of African American Natural Hair Care:

The steps of African American natural hair care can be summarized in the following points:

  • African American hairs are very fragile, so care must be taken while combing or brushing them. Always use a comb with wide teeth or with natural hairs while combing or brushing the hair.
  • Always use enough moisturizer in such hairs as they are very dry. Actually, these hairs do not secrete a lot of sebum. Sebum provides moisture to hair, so dryness of hair is sure. This is why external moisturizing agents are required.
  • Hydrating shampoos, which are meant especially for African American hair, must be used.
  • Moisturizing conditioners, which are meant especially for African American hair, must be used after washing the hair.

Gray African American Hair:

Graying of hairs is a natural process. Hairs turn grey with aging. This happens, because the production of melanin decreases in the hair bulb. First, grey hairs are noticed near the temples, then to the crown, and then at the back of head. Premature graying of hairs can be due to many reasons.

Causes of Premature Graying of African American Hair:

The main causes of premature graying of African American hairs are:

  • It is a genetic trait. If your parents and grandparents had early graying of hairs, you are certainly going to have it.
  • Excessive prolonged stress and anxiety.
  • Excessive intake of oily and fried food.
  • Excessive intake of alcohol and excessive smoking.
  • Deficiencies of nutrients, especially copper.

History of African American hair:

Since early centuries, black people have had kinky hairs and white people were the ones with straight hairs. With the changing trends, kinking of hairs became fashionable. Tools for making hair kinked, like rollers, were made available. Vinegar was used as a good “kinkier.” So, the trend became popular among all groups. Similarly, black women with kinked hairs have tried to turn them straight by using machines to straighten their hairs.

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