Pin Hole Glasses

Pin hole glasses are also known as Stenopeic Glasses. Stenopeic is a Greek word, which means “a little opening.” Pinhole glasses are not made of glass, but from other materials such as metal or plastic. There are many holes in the material, so user can see through any of the many holes present.

How Pin Hole Glasses Function In Viewing Things Normally:

As we know, the full opening of a pupil admits light normally. The improper bending of the outer-most pencil of a ray is what causes refractive errors like myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, and astigmatism. Pin hole glasses can bring about clearer vision for anyone with the a fore mentioned conditions, as they block all the peripheral rays, allowing in only those rays which pass through the central position of pupil. Hence, the pupil may be wide open, but only the center of pupil is receiving the light.

Advantages of Pin Hole Glasses:

  • Pin hole glasses provide an improved image at all distances. For example, if you are reading a book and alternately watching television, this can be easily managed by pin hole glasses.
  • Multi focal lenses provide a variable curve, which is supposed to give good vision at all distances. Actually, there is a lot of distortion on either side in this case. Pin hole glasses eliminate all such problems, though.
  • Although pinhole glasses are not as cheap as reading glasses, they are cheaper than individual prescription glasses. In addition to being cheaper than two pairs of prescription lenses, they make life easier, too.
  • Prescription glass can be scratched easily when improperly handled, which can affect their performance. But this is not the case with pinhole glasses. Even if they are handled improperly, it has no effect on their performance.
  • Pin hole glasses need no cleaning, since finger print marks and any other type of marks don’t affect your vision.

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