Getting the Gypsy look

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Gypsy is a term usually used for the Romani people who are known to have originated from around Egypt. Their style of dressing is detailed and has an old world charm even while being trendy.  It can be best explained as a ethnic look combining styles used in belly dancing costumes fused with tribal fabrics.


You can add a gypsy touch to your wardrobe, without having to make any drastic changes to what is already part of it. Adding a beaded belt to your regular pair of jeans, wearing jingling anklets or using a batik print head scarf are simple ways of doing this. Once you get comfortable with this look, you could experiment further by winding coloured bits or ribbon into your hair or even trying out the double ring hairstyle made popular by Princess Leah in the early Star Wars.


If you are game for buying clothes that give a true gypsy feel, try long umbrella skirts in cotton. Asymmetric cuts and layering with different fabrics gives it authenticity. Alternatively, baggy harem pants give the right effect. Long flannel sleeves, particularly ones that balloon out near the cuffs are suitable. Waist coats worn over long sleeved blouses also help as do off- shoulder tops. Use tie-ups and strings in place of zips. Patch- work tunics or a scarf tied around the hips over the skirt also gives a gypsy feel to an outfit.  Try sticking to earthy tones of burnt orange, brown, bottle green and black.


The hair is best done up with a coloured scarf, plaited into several tiny strands, inter- twined with ribbons. Make- up is darker, as opposed to the peachy look. Kohl lined eyes are prominent. Jewelry forms a crucial element in the look. It consists of pieces made of oxidized metal (also called gun metal). Circular loops for the ear, chains with many layers are the traditional ornaments associated with this look. Accessorize with a long sling bag with tiny mirrors and embroidery to complete the look.

-Lena Fernandez 

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