Body Piercings

Piercings are not a new trend. The body of the oldest mummy found (in the Valentina Trujillon Glacier) had piercings on the ear. However, with different cultures and generations, the positioning and meaning changes.


The two basic types of piercings are surface and non-surface ones. Non- surface ones are more traditional and pierce through an entire body part or tissue, like the traditional ear piercing or the nose piercings. Surface ones only pierce a flap of skin, like the eye-brow piercing.


The ear is the most commonly pierced organ. The vertical tragus, which is the tiny protrusion near the ear can be pierced and a surface bar is inserted. Multiple piercing around the ear lobe is also popular. Among women, the pierced belly button is also gaining popularity. Alternatively, a stomach pierce usually falls below the belly button and is a surface piercing.


finger piercingTongue piercingCorset piercing


Tongue piercing, as innovative as it sounds, has its roots in ancient civilizations and is usually associated with achieving a state of trance. Tongue piercing heals the fasted. Among lip piercing, the Monroe piercings are more popular among women. These get their name from Marilyn Monroe since they are located on the upper lip where her famous mole was. Bite piercings are multiple piercings that usually look like snake bites.


Corset piercings are a series of surface piercings that usually run down the back. Looping a ribbon through them makes it look like they are part of a corset or even the lacing portion of a shoe. Another piercing with a similar Gothic feel to it is the Neck piercing that looks like vampire bites along the side of the neck.


The most unfriendly area on the human body for piercings is probably the front of the neck. The Madison piercing that goes through the skin on the front of the neck takes the longest time to heal. It can lead to scarring as well.


Other areas that one could consider piercing are the insides of the wrists, the hip and the web of skin between fingers. You could pick your area(s) of piercing depending upon the look you want to evolve and how much pain you are willing to endure.


-Lena Fernandez

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