Earth- Friendly Fashion

Eco- friendly fashion is increasingly gaining popularity. While most brands with eco- conscious clothing tend to be more expensive that the average high- street retailer, online shopping and increased awareness is making it affordable for buyers from all income ranges to pick clothing that minimizes our carbon footprint.

Eco- friendly clothes can be of various kinds. They could be made from recycled materials. This is done by collecting unwanted clothes, re- weaving the fabric and making it new. This is also done with jewelry by re-using metals and beads that were already part of discarded jewelry.  A trend that is popular at the minute is kimonos and summer dresses made from recycles saris. These keep the ethnic feel of traditional Indian prints while enabling modern cuts and patterns. They are also made into bed- spreads and curtains.

Organic clothing is grown with minimal or nil use of artificial pesticides and chemicals. Fair- trade clothing ensures that the farmers from third- world countries get a fair price for their produce. The selling price of all of the above products of all the above products is higher since they aim to preserve nature rather than earn profits. Not only are these products good for the earth but also add innovation and diversity to your wardrobe.

Vegan footwareBag made of used coffee sacks

One of the most well known retailers of eco- friendly fashion is probably People Tree. They stock a lot of interesting clothes from knits that are hand- made in Nepal to necklaces made of recycled newspapers. The brand Beyond Skin uses anything other than animal skin to make women’s shoes. A number of designer brands now promote jute products in place of leather. Natural dyes and hard weaves are being promoted. Draw- sting waists are replacing synthetic elastics.

Choosing environment friendly clothes no longer means having to give fashion the second place on your list of priorities. The best case in point is They stock a wide variety of designers in clothes, shoes, jewelry and other accessories, from a wide range of countries. It is also a highly user friendly site for online fashion shopping. Also try for hippie inspired fair- trade clothes.

A lot of fashionistas and celebrities are choosing vegan and fair- trade clothing either because they genuinely care for the environment or because it makes it look like they do. Either way it seems to be a growing trend that is here to stay. Thankfully so.

-Lena Fernandez

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