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Like many other aspects of fashion and youth culture, celebrities from Hollywood tend to start and popularize trends when it comes to tattoos as well. There will always be the few who will make their own path by choosing tattoo designs that are novel and self- styled. The vast majority though go for what they repeatedly see in the media. Popular T.V shows like Miami Ink (and the more recent L.A Ink) have popularized different aspects of the art of tattooing.

Amy Winehouse made popular the sailor style tattoos. These include cartoonish pictures of girls, horse- shoes and anchors. Initials of beloved ones are also popular. Drew Barrymore has an ‘R’ behind her ear and Cheryl Cole has ‘Mrs. C’ on the back of her neck. Quotes from Shakespearean plays as seen on Megan Fox are also an idea. Tattoos of Manga (Japanese) cartoon characters are also gaining increasing popularity. Lindsay Lohan popularized the white tattoo that is very subtle and tends to fade under the sun. It is also remarkably more expensive.  

Tattoos can commemorate important events in your life, like the birth of a child. Tattoos can also be a way of venting negative feelings or celebrating positive ones. This can however prove tricky as those feelings may evaporate, giving way to different ones, making the tattoo then seem irrelevant. Some believe that is not an issue as they would always look at their tattoo as sign of what they once went through. Others go through the more painful road of erasing the previous tattoo by over- writing it or grafting new skin onto it. Dave Navvaro got a ‘C.E’ tattooed on his chest and kept it on even after his break-up with Carmen Electra. Pamela Anderson got ‘Tommy’ tattooed on her arm and after her break-up with Tommy Lee she got it changed to ‘Mommy’. Eminem, after a heated exchange with Kim it is rumoured, got a gravestone with the name ‘Kim’ tattooed on himself, with the words ‘Rot in Pieces’ written under it. He also got a tribal bracelet tattooed on himself when he was drunk and when sober again couldn’t work out what it meant or why he got it.

If not done by trained professionals, tattoos could lead to scar tissues or even the spread of viruses. Care needs to be taken to keep the skin area moisturized by use of an anti- septic ointment for a couple of days after tattooing. Some amount of pain is unavoidable, with bony areas like the spine and the front area of the foot being the most painful areas. However, that seems to hardly impact the ever increasing popularity of the art.

– Lena Fernandez

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