The Gothic Look Decoded

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The essence of Goth dressing is that it goes against the popular notions of ‘beautiful’. It looks at the darker side of life, be it pain or violence. Hence darker tones and heavier fabrics are a crucial element.

Black is a favorite while deep red, maroon, navy blue and even a dazzling white are prime colours used. Lace, velvet and satin are commonly used fabrics in this look. An instant Gothic fix is the use of a layered skirt in a dark shade, both long and short ones work. Ribbon and lace edgings add Goth glamour. A corset is another sure way to achieve the gothic look. Particularly when paired with Gothic style choker chains and necklaces. Lace wrist bands or finger-less gloves work well for accessorizing the hands. Fishnets in somber colours also help the look. Finally chunky boots with elaborate lacing for the legs completes the look. Gun- metal pendants in shapes of skulls, crosses, upside down crosses and pentagrams are the most popular.

Goth make- up is essentially non- cheerful. Dark smokey eyes and scarlet lips contrasted against very pale skin make the right effect. Alternatively the use of black or brown lipstick is used. The messier the eye- shadow the better and it’s not just for the women. Goth men wear the smokey eyed look as well. It needs to look like the wearer rubbed her eyes enough to make the colours bleed. Some Goths even use make- up to create bruises and wounds on their face to give the weather- beaten, tired look that regular glamour make-up tries to hide. The use of fake blood as part of make- up is common, especially around the mouth.

Gothic hair is traditionally dark and long, usually messy and sometimes with hues of red, violet or purple in it. Nails are long, pointed and painted dark.

The Victorian Goth look entails use of the Victorian gowns with full blown skirts and low necks, often with a severely restrictive corset around the waist but all in dark gothic shades and fabrics. You could also choose the Goth Lolita look which emulates the dressing of a little untidy girl but in a very sexualized way. Use of knee length frock with the hair plaited, pony tailed or bunned on both sides of the head is a sure shot route to this look. Amy Lee from the band Evanescence and Dilana of rockstars fame are two celebrities you could follow to get the Goth look right.

If you do not fancy going for the entire look, just add a black corset top to your regular jeans or fishnet stocking to your little black dress to get a toned down version of this look. The Goth look is about non- conformity. For those who are tired of the ‘prettiness’ that main stream fashion promotes, Goth is an ideal vent.

-Lena Fernandez

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