Summer care for hair

Summer can be taxing for your hair. Particularly when you holiday and sun – bathe. Over- exposure to the sun makes the hair fade and lose moisture. Using head- scarves is the best option to keep your hair away from the sun. Hair scarves that provide UV protection are available in a lot of beauty and health stores. Sea water is terrible for the hair. So keep it clean after every trip to the beach.

Trend- wise, the wavy look is very in right now. So go easy on the straightner. Leave your hair natural, using anti- fizz lotions and sprays to manage them.

This summer use hair colour to get an instant new look. Hair- colour goes a long way in adding colour and youth to your face. While dark- hair makes your skin look smoother, light hair usually makes one look younger. Try adding a few light high-lights to your hair in a colour a couple of shades lighter than the rest of your hair. This gives you a sun- kissed look. For example, if you have very dark brown hair, go for honey coloured high-lights. Black hair can take red or brown high-lights. Blonde hair compliments the tanned look well.

A fringe can change your style quotient, from making a long face more rounded to making very long hair look trendy. Besides it’s probably the most consistent glamour look among celebrities this summer.

Excessive sweating makes it important to wash your hair every day. Use a mild shampoo and don’t forget the conditioner. In case of coloured hair, use products made especially for colour treated hair. They are gentler and reduce fading of colour. Remember to comb your hair and untangle it before washing it. This prevents weakening and breakage.

Excess heat could make the scalp dry and itchy. Tea- tree based oils and shampoos protect from dryness and dandruff. Alternatively use fenugreek seeds soaked in water over night and ground in the morning. Leave in on your scalp for 30 minutes before washing it off with a shampoo. Try using a leave in conditioner instead of those that are premixed with the shampoo.

As incredible as it sounds, rinsing your hair off with lemon juice gives it added shine but remember to rinse it off thoroughly.

Instead of using a hair- dryer, try leaving it in a towel mask till it dries. This protects from split- ends. Using a warm towel relaxes the hair.

-Lena Fernandez

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