Making your nails prettier

French Manicured nails

Well groomed nails are a must to complete any look. Whether you chose to get a manicure done with a professional or do it at home yourself, that extra care goes a long way in giving you more confidence in your appearance.

Basic nail care involves clipping your nails to the desirable size and then filing it to smoothen the tip and also to give it a rounded or a square shape. Pushing the cuticles back give it a neat appearance. Soaking your hand in a softening solution and then applying a moisturizing lotion would be the next step. A fluoride based solution can be used to harden your nails by soaking them in it. This prevents quick breakage and chipping of longer nails.

The French manicure look is the most popular look for nails this season. It can be easily attained by buying yourself a set of fake nail extensions and then gluing them to your nail tips. If you intend to grow your own nails, just paint the tips with some white nail paint and then clean up the smile line (the line where the white meets the natural pink of your nails) into a neat curve with a cotton bud dipped in nail-polish remover. Nail whitening pencils can be used alternatively. You might find the French manicure sets available in shops very useful. With these you first paint the entire nail a natural shade of pink and then use stickers to cover the whole nail except where you would like it be white. Then put on the white nail polish before finally removing the sticker. You could always use masking tape in place of the stickers.

You could also consider painting tiny flowers or other designs on one corner of each nail, where the white bit is. If done at home, it would need a steady hand, a tinier brush than the usual one in the bottle of nail paint and a good supply of cotton buds dipped in nail- polish remover for clearing up mistakes and straying paint.

If you want to go for solid colours on your nail, you might want to keep the length of the nail in mind. Longer nails usually look better with pastels. Dark shades go better with shorter nails. Black is a classic colour for your nails and you don’t have to be a Goth to go for it! Black goes best with shorter and almost square nails. A Deep red is another classic shade. Using nude shades on your nails make your fingers look longer. If you want your fingers to look slimmer, while applying the colour, try leaving a very tiny bit of gap towards the edges on either side of the nail.

The good thing about nail polish is that unlike hair colour and fake tans, any regrets can be cleared up in a second with a swab of cotton. So go ahead and get adventurous.

– Lena Fernandez –

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