How to wear Neon this season!

Neon clothing has always been a hit with clubbing but this season try taking it out of clubs and onto the streets. The easiest way to do that is to compliment a dull costume with a bold neon bag and pump shoes to go with it. Do not worry about making the bag match with the outfit. An all black dress with a bright orange bag and pumps will look as good as any immaculately matched look. A pair of blue jeans and a white top can instantly be enlivened by a fuchsia pink tote.

Neon coloured jeans are also an option with all major brands from DKNY to YMI bringing out a range of brightly coloured jeans in shades of yellow, green, bubble gum pink and so on. The trick is to keep the jeans skinny or straight cut. They can be paired with tops in black or white or any other colour that keeps with the tone of the jeans.

Neon bangles, earring, toe rings, head scarves or nail polish can be found at a range of online sites like Try Claire’s stores if you prefer off- line shopping.

Another way of using the neon look would be to wear bright neon beads in layers around the neck or the wrist. Choose if you want it to look ethnic by going for beads of clay and wood in earthy shades of red, brown and blue, or instead get the retro look with glass beads.

The more adventurous can try temporary hair colour or hair extensions in bright colours.

To get a more elegant and formal look, try using one large piece of neon jewellery with a solid coloured outfit. This piece of jewellery however should be classy and not of the neon- plastic kind. Try large stoned pendants in sea green or blood red. Alternatively a large stone ring or chandelier earrings would also have a similar effect. Just ensure you use just one piece at a time. The best effect can be achieved by pairing it with an all white or beige ensemble for the day or an all black one for evenings.

                                                                                                           -Lena Fernandez

DKNY 2009neon jeans

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