Women’s Summer Wardrobe 2009

Big tote with chains

Big tote with chains

Boyfriend Jeans with ankle-cuff sandles
Boyfriend Jeans with ankle-cuff sandles

The biggest fashion trend this year will put you at easy, because for once you don’t have to choose between the trendy and the comfortable. Comfort is the new black! The coolest look you can sport is to appear like you are hardly concerned with how you look, even though the opposite will probably have to be true for you to even know about this trend. So here are a few crucial tips to looking carefree and comfortable this summer.

If you are shopping for Jeans this season, the new Boyfriend style is a must have. It is loose in the right places and takes a rolled up cuff at the bottom. The tops that go with it will be straight cut, giving you ample breathing room. Organic cotton will give it an additional eco- warrior look instead of the usual fashion- warrior look.

Let your feet breathe in sandals or even Hawaiian slippers if the occasion is casual. Look out for ones with rubber soles but sparkly stones on the straps. If you have to wear heels, go for ones with ankle cuffs. They add support and also make your ankles look smaller.

As far as bags go, big totes add to the look by hinting that you are more concerned with carrying all you need with you, rather than just looking pretty. Bags with chains are in, but they must have leather or cloth where it goes on the shoulder, just so the chain does not hurt your skin.

Extend this comfortable look to your hair as well. Tie up long hair in an untidy bun at the nape of your neck. Plaits have made a comeback. Keep them loose and casual. Try plaiting just a few strands and leaving the rest straight.

Keep the make- up light. Keep away from anything that says you have tried hard to look good, like elaborate eyelashes or severe eye- shadow. Use shimmer for the night but in nude and natural tones.

The mantra for your new summer wardrobe, therefore, is ‘more the comfort, more the style’.

– Lena Fernandez

messy bun

messy bun

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