What to Wear on a First Date

The person who you’ve secretly admired has finally showed interest in you. Finally, the time has come for your first date. Obviously, you understand the importance of dressing well for the occasion, because this can influence your future dates together. After all, impressions are everything. You know that dressing appropriately can give you the added confidence, charm, and poise to impress him without appearing unattainable.

What to Wear on a First Date:

Dressing right does not mean that you have to invest in designer clothing or follow the current trends. It means wearing a dress that suits your individual style and body type, and gives you the quiet confidence to carry it off with comfort and confidence. Make sure that the dress fits you perfectly. You cannot enjoy dress that hangs loosely and does nothing to enhance your look. On the other hand, wearing dress that cuts into your skin and shows your bulges can ruin your first date and make you feel ill at ease.

If you do not know where you’re going on your on your first date, you can always ask him. This can help you get idea of what to wear on your first date. If it is a formal dinner-date in a high-end restaurant, you can never go wrong with a sophisticated little black dress. Along with your black dress, you can wear simple accessories, such as a diamond bracelet, silver shoes, and an exotic shawl or a stole to match.

If he is taking you out for an informal lunch, wearing a smart blouse and skirt in shades that flatter your complexion can look beautiful and casual. Without looking overtly sexy, you can show off your great pair of legs, or maybe your toned arms. You can wear simple pearl or diamond earrings, along with wedge-heeled slip-on sandals or pumps to go with your skirt and blouse.

Lastly, always be thoughtful and sensitive to your date’s feelings. This does not mean that to lead him on when you are not interested. It means to be honest with your feelings and tell him in a thoughtful way what and how you feel; he will respect you in the long run.

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