How to Take Care of Leather Shoes:

Whether you buy expensive leather shoes or not, taking care of your shoes is important to make them last longer and look good. Without proper care, your expensive leather shoes can show cracks, sometimes making it so you can no longer wear them. Taking care of your shoes can also preserve the small fortune that you might have spent buying them.

Tips to Take Care of Leather Shoes

Listed below are some tips to take care of leather shoes:

  • Coat Your Leather Shoes with Weather Proof Coating:

    You should spray your leather shoes with two to three coats of weather proof coating. This can protect your shoes from weather and water damage. Moreover, you may want to reapply the coating frequently, to prevent cracks from appearing.

  • Use Shoe Wax to Keep Your Leather Shoes Soft:

    Using a soft piece of cloth, lightly rub your shoes with shoe wax. This can wipe away excess polish and help retain the original softness of your leather shoes.

  • Use Your Leather Shoes Sparingly:

    Like us, our shoes need their rest too. Experts suggest resting your shoes for at least 12 hours a day, between wearing. This will help them last longer.

  • Let Your Shoes Breathe Properly:

    You may use shoe trees to hang your shoes. This will help them breathe properly, as well as help them retain their original shape.

  • Keep Your Leather Shoes Dry:

    After your leather shoes get wet, you may want to air dry them. This is because wet shoes tend to shrink, as well as become hard.

Finally, to retain the original look and feel of your leather shoes, you always need to clean, polish, and condition them. This is the only way to keep them lasting longer and looking new.

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