How to Get Rid of Sweater Pilling:

Sweater pilling is the formation of balls (pills) on your sweaters surface, caused by friction. Sweater pilling can occur from heavy use, machine washing, and stretching. Pilling is also more common in certain fabrics such as acrylic, nylon, etc. Pilling gives a dull, worn-out appearance to the fabric, hence it is important to get rid of the pills.

How to Get Rid of Sweater Pilling:

Here are a few ways to get rid of sweater pilling:

  • Select the right fabric:

    When buying a sweater, it is important to choose the right fabric, which develops minimal pilling. For example, acrylic and nylon fabrics tend to pill, while fabrics such as wool and cashmere tend to have minimal pilling.

  • Fabric shaver:

    A handheld fabric shaver (electric or battery operated) can easily remove sweater pills. It works similarly to a hair shaver, but this device has a protective top, so the shaver only cuts off the pills (leaving the rest of the sweater intact). The fabric shaver, which is available at several stores, is an effective, though temporary, means to remove the sweater pills.

  • Comb:

    A small comb specifically manufactured to remove the pills can also be used. These combs have tiny teeth of about 3 mm long. Gently stroke the fabric with the comb to remove the sweater pills.

  • Hand-wash the Sweater:

    Always hand-wash your sweaters, as machine washing can result in pilling.

  • Avoid stretching the sweater:

    Stretching the sweater, especially on the hanger can result in pilling. For this, you can use a padded hanger which matches the width of the sweater. If you’d rather not hang your sweaters, folding them will also stop stretching.

  • Wash inside out:

    Washing the sweater inside out will minimize the pilling on the outside of your sweater.

To get rid of sweater pilling for the long-term, proper maintenance of your sweater is important. Choosing the right fabric will also help to minimize the pilling. Follow the above recommendations for a neat, clean sweater.

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