1970s Disco Fashion

The 70s was an intensely turbulent time, whether that be in politics or the fashion industry. Fashion in the 70’s was extremely influential, stylish, and revealing for that era. The 70s also saw the dawn of disco fashion. The huge success of the movie Saturday Night Fever, starring John Travolta, further popularized the disco fashion of the 70s. Let’s discuss the fashion trends witnessed under the mirrored disco lights.

Hot Pants:

Shiny, clingy Lycra hot pants ruled the 70s disco fashion. Hot pants were the successors of mini-skirts and aided in showing off long legs.

Spandex Tops:

Disco pants were worn with spandex tops. Sequin bandeau tops, gold lame, leopard skin and hot strident shiny colors that glowed in disco lights captured the 70s disco fashion.


Stretch halter jumpsuits were notorious among women, and zippered jumpsuits were popular between both sexes. The androgynous look was an important part of 70s fashion.


Skirts of all lengths were prominent during this era, especially mini skirts and maxi skirts. Exotic and tropical prints were in vogue, as well as go-go dresses carried on from the 60s.


Flared pants and bell-bottoms were beloved trends of 70s disco fashion.

Stylish 3 Piece Suits:

Stylish three piece suits characterized by high-rise vests, wide lapels and flared trousers were favored among men. Pointed, long collared shirts with bolder and wider neckties were also very popular.


Light-reflecting, satin jackets were one of the hottest trends of disco fashion.


Big hair dos like Afros and pompadours caught on, as well as rough-cut hairstyles.


Flashy medallions and bracelets, leather purses, and all that can be flashy and stylish were fashionable.


Platform shoes, boots and flips were the footwear trends of 70s disco fashion.

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