1960s Hippie Fashion

The 1960s hippie fashion symbolized freedom from society, following one’s own way, and finding a new meaning to life. The 1960s hippie fashion influenced today’s fashion to a great extent. Hence, many of the hippie-inspired clothing, such as bell-bottom pants, maxi skirts, etc. are still popular today.

The 1960s Hippies Fashion:

Being a hippie was a way of life. Hippies expressed their views of liberation through their clothing. Here are some important features of the 1960s Hippie fashion:

  • Long hair:

    Long hair was worn by both men and women. The hair was unkempt, and headscarves or headbands were often worn. Long, unkempt hair symbolized the free lifestyle of the hippies.

  • Jeans:

    Jeans were worn by both men and women. The jeans were often worn out with holes, or sewn with patches. Bell bottom jeans were also extremely popular.

  • Footwear:

    Most hippies either wore leather sandals or went barefoot. Wearing ankle bells was also popular among women.

  • Facial hair:

    Among men, having facial hair, like a long, untrimmed beard, was popular.

  • Skirts and blouses:

    Colorful maxi skirts and peasant blouses (inspired by other cultures) were worn by women. Women also wore Native American-inspired jewelry.

  • Tie-dyed garments:

    People used to tie-dye garments with bright colors. Tie-dyeing was done on a variety of clothing, such as skirts, dresses, hats, and even bed sheets.

Long beaded necklaces, Native American-inspired jewelry, headbands, headscarves, and ankle bells were the popular accessories worn by the hippies.

Most garments during the 1960s hippie era were self-made or bought from second-hand shops. The fashion during these times was against western culture and corporate culture. The 1960s hippie fashion was an expression of a generation free from societal restriction, out to find a new meaning of life.

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