Men, Select Your Right Suit

Do not look so confused! You can find a suit that will accentuate your body shape and make you look and feel relaxed. With a little effort, you can get the perfect suit at a reasonable price. The trick is to know what works best for you. Jack Mackenroth, who stared in Project Runway season four and graduated at Parsons School of Design, warns not to wear a long suit if your legs are short. If you have a broad frame, you should avoid shoulder padding.

Tips for Selecting Right Suit:

If you are a workingman, you must own at least one well-fitted suit to be worn at formal occasions. Those who are business professionals may have to wear a suit daily. So, it is an absolute must that you feel comfortable in your suit and that it fits you properly.

When buying a new suit, the following points should help you make the right decision:

Choose Quality Fabric

Picking the right fabric is as important as selecting the right size. Men’s suits are generally available in wooly and non-wooly fabrics. Choose wooly fabric only if you are comfortable in it. Many find it itchy and develop uncomfortable rashes.

Choose the Right Color

When choosing colors for your suit, you can’t go wrong with charcoal, navy, or black. Go for a simple, effective look. Visualize a stylish celebrity like George Clooney and follow his lead. Match your suit with a colored tie and a light shirt.

Find the Right Cut

The cut of your suit ensures that it fits to your body properly and that you look impressive. There are basically three cuts:

American Cut

If you have a larger body frame, go for the American cut. These are single-breasted blazers with three buttons and plain-front trousers. Keeping your top button open while wearing a single-breasted blazer will hide your broad frame and make you look taller. If you are choosing a double-breasted blazer, keep in mind that the added fabric will give you a broader look. The good point is that it will smooth out your extra pounds here and there.

British Cut

If you have a tall, athletic shape, go for the English cut. This particular cut will make you look distinguished with its nearly body-hugging shape and slightly narrow waist. A British suit will accentuate your chest and give a sense of proportion to your body. The only matter of concern is that British suits are usually costly.

Continental Cut

If you have a slim European shape, go for the continental cut. Broad frames simply do not fit continental suits. They are usually single-breasted blazers with two-buttons, and trousers with slim cuts at the back to suit your slimmer figure. If you are very slim, do not go for this cut as it will give you a boyish look.

A tailor can alter your suit according to your body shape. The idea is to dress impressively. A suit should make you feel comfortable and confident.

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