Easy Tips to Look Handsome in Photos

Do you want to impress your girlfriend with handsome pictures but your afraid to face the camera? Or are you thinking of a polite way to turn down your girlfriend’s request for a photo session together? Seriously, don’t worry about it. There are many guys and girls who would rather slink back into the shadows than pose for a camera. A little bit of preparation and planning is all you need.

Anyone can be photogenic. The trick is to know what looks good on you and then work it.

  • Practice Your Best Smile:

Search through all your previous photos to know which smile does the trick for you. Try, if you can, to remember the situation that brought that particular impressive smile on your face, and store it away in your memory. See if you can give that special smile again. Practice makes perfect.

  • Wear Flattering Colors:

Before going out, choose clothes that suit your skin tone and make you look good. Get rid of those old pieces of clothing you’ve had since ’99. Always wear colors that make you look attractive, and don’t be afraid to ask a close friend for their opinion.

  • Avoid Direct Light:

Stay away from direct light that shows your flaws. Especially harsh artificial light, which turns anyone’s skin a strange color. Sunlight may make you squint or grimace, so position your self side-on to the sun. You don’t want your back to the sun though, unless you’re purposefully trying to hide in shadow.

  • Eat Healthily

If you feel bloated, avoid carbohydrates and water-retaining, sodium foods the day before your expecting photos. For full-body shots, tuck that stomach in. Arranging the camera to be slightly raised above you can make a flattering photo as it makes you look up at the camera, rather than the camera looking up your nose.

  •  Work it:

Some people naturally look good in front of camera, and others have learnt to look good. Show the camera your best side and smile with your eyes.

Looking good in front of a camera is all about making the most of your looks. You have to learn what works best for you. Above all, you must feel confident about how you appear.

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