Top 10 Coolest Gadgets Flaunted by Today's Women

It is hard to believe that once upon a time, not so long ago, the tech manufacturers had to resort to using eye-candies to get attention of the fairer sex. Now, women are as much savvy in using latest tech gadgets as they are interested in knowing their functional aspects, like their male counterparts. It is another thing that, as a bonus, we also look for how much that particular gadget will appeal to others!

Top 10 Coolest Gadgets Used By Women:

The following list contains some of the coolest gadgets used by today’s  career women, who are always on the move. So, the gadgets used by them are mostly easy to carry, modern, sleek-looking.

  • Stylish Laptop Bag:

    This classy Verona laptop bag from Elifbag is made of fine calfskin leather. The straps are knotted in a way giving it a distinctly stylish look. In short, you will feel a real high carrying your  laptop in it to your office.

  • Living Color LED light lamp from Philips:

    This LED light lamp from Philip changes the surroundings around you in a ziffy and uplifts your mood. All you have to do is rotate the wheel on your remote using different hues of red, blue, and green light combinations. You will get 16 million various colors to uplift your mood! You can even brighten, dim, or reduce each color!

  • Premium Digitally Touch Photo Frame from Nu-Touch:

    This is a very modern and stylish looking 7-inch touch photo frame. With the LED touch sensor buttons that become visible to your touch, you can control which picture is being displayed.

  • USB Massager:

      This USB massager from GadgetStorm is ideal for those women who have to put  long hours of work sitting in a particular position. You just have to plug your massager in a USB port behind your computer or your laptop, and let your massager soothen your jaded shoulder blades or your back. You do not have to worry about cord’s length, it runs 1.8 meters. Other than pink, your USB massager also comes in blue.

  • 2.1 Pixel Miniket Camcorder from Samsung:

    Songstress Alicia Keys was seen sporting this cute Camcorder at Madison Square Garden, NY. This Samsung Camcorder comes with built-in memory of 1GB, ideal for storing movies, music, pictures, data, webcommunications etc. and displaying superior picture quality.

  • Philips-Swarovski Flash Drive :

    Swarovski and Philips electronics together has introduced this incredibly designed heart-shaped flash drive made of crystals. Apart from its functionality, it is a great possession that can make a bold fashion statement.

  • Pink PC Kit From Pink Toolbox Co:

    This typically cute looking pink kit comes with a wireless mouse, a pink mouse pad, a pink USB dongle that can be plugged into a USB port at the back of your laptop or computer. The kit is very easy to operate and almost weightless.

  • Philips-Swarovski Active Crystals Icon In-Ear Headphones:

    This portable media player launched by Philips and Swarovski is a great possession with a definite style statement. Great for the ears as well!

  • Olympus Stylus 850 SW Camera:

    This is a stylishly compact 3 x 2.5 inch LCD screen camera perfect to capture those beautiful moments displaying superb picture quality ensured by 8 megapixel resolution and 14.8 MB integrated memory for great storage space.

  • Pink VAIO CR Series Notebook PC in Cosmopolitan Pink:

    This highly stylish and superb functionality notebook PC comes with original Home Vista Premium Operating System. It has  built-in camera, Core 2 Duo Processor (ensuring superb processing speed), bluetooth functionality, and a CVD/DVD burning drive.

With the above portable and sleek tech gadgets, you are guaranteed the attention from everyone around you.

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