Money-Crunched But Still Want To Be Fashionable?

It takes creativity to be fashionable. With a little ingenuity, one can master the art of style, even with less money to spare.

Be Fashionable With Less Money

Bargain Hunt:

Browse bargain bins and sale racks, and seek quality clothing. If you find clothes that need mending, fix them when you get home. If you are at a flea market, bargain with the seller to bring the price down.

Learn Smart Shopping:

Reap the benefits of knowledge. Know when products are on sale off-season. Purchase winter coats in spring and swimwear in autumn. Go back for that short-sleeved red dress you’ve been eying up at the end of the stock season; you may get it for half the price or less. You can get the best bargains immediately after Christmas.

Go For Classic Items:

Instead of investing in cheap clothes that may not last the year, invest in quality garments. Check the fabric and washing instructions. Take care of your clothing to ensure endurance.

Be Friendly With the Sales Staff:

You may get the best buys if you are on friendly terms with the sales staff. If your friends work at a favorite store, ask them to let you know when certain items are on sale, and ask them to hold the item for you.

Shop intelligently; instead of being an impulsive shopper, be a knowledgeable shopper.

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