Are You Prepared for Your Class Reunion?

Are you thinking too hard about your upcoming class reunion? Are you breaking out in a cold sweat just thinking about how you will appear to your old friends and foes? Never fear. With a little preparation, you’ll be ready to walk into that reunion with confidence and show your old classmates and teachers what you have become.

Planning for The Big Day:

Start planning well in advance. Select clothes that suit you and show your personality.

Groom :

A well-dressed person is not the same as a well-groomed person. For ultimate confidence, you need to look healthy. Eating well and exercising will ensure healthy skin and a toned body, but you should make an appointment for a haircut before your reunion. Why not go for the whole shebang and get a manicure and facial, too?


If you’re wardrobe is looking a bit tatty, you may need to do some shopping. Find an outfit suitable for the occasion. Follow the dress code on the invitation, and go for a comfortable, modest style. Men should wear a smart shirt or jacket, with plain dark-colored pants.

Dress Up:

Women can’t go wrong with a sleeveless or short-sleeved, knee-length dress, teamed with a wrap or light jacket. Match your shoes and accessories to your outfit. Men could wear tan or black, smart-looking shoes that have been cleaned and shined before the reunion date. Women could wear heels, strappy sandals, slip-ons, or boots.


Wear classic, elegant jewelry like pearls, or flattering gold or silver with a black dress. Subtle accessories like watches or silver bracelets will enhance your sense of style. Men don’t necessarily need to wear a tie unless they would normally wear one comfortably.

Change Your Look:

Remember that you are going to meet old friends and teachers who may not have seen you for years and are interested to know how you have progressed or grown as a person. You get a chance to re-invent yourself, if you so wish. Just keep in your age in mind when developing your new style. Don’t dress like the teenager they remember.

Don’t fret:

Don’t fret too much about your class reunion. You are who you are, so be proud. Once you get there and start catching up with your friends, you may realize that everyone has fretted over the reunion. You only need to impress people who are worth impressing; those who are kind and friendly and who you’d love to catch up with again in the future.

Rise to the occasion: class reunions are a fun event, and it’s quite special to catch up with old pals and exchange memories. Just be yourself and make it another memory you can talk about at the next reunion.

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