2008s Most Creative Wedding Trends

Marriage is an important affair in anybody’s life. It’s the day lovers promise themselves to each other, totally and unconditionally. It’s a day to celebrate that love with the best of everything: food, friends, and luxuries. Whatever the cost, conducting a wedding is always a special affair. Top celebrities and people in the topmost economic brackets don’t spare a cent when making their weddings a memorable affair.

So, what are you going to do to make sure your wedding matches 2008s Most Creative Wedding Trends? How different are you going to be from others? How creative are you going to be in choosing your beautiful wedding dress, or the exotic marriage locale or venue?

Being Creative Is The Buzz Word

Carley Roney, editor-in-chief at leading wedding guide Knot, says, “Couples are going to new lengths to infuse their personalities into their big day”. Creativity is a major factor in wedding preparations for 2008.

2008 Most Creative Wedding Trends


The following are some of the most creative wedding trends of 2008:

  • Choosing the Right Locale-

    For 2008s most creative weddings, you will find couples paying as much attention to the details of their holiday destination as their wedding dresses. Some popular wedding destinations are grand castles in Europe, farmhouses in Tuscany, Italy, the enchanting backwaters and beach resorts in Kerala, India, and the beautiful beaches of the West Indies.

  • Choosing the Right Wedding Dress-

    Choosing the right wedding dress is as important to the bride-to-be as the wedding itself. Some of the dresses creating ripples in the fashion world are: Empire Line dresses (fashionable for hot, summer weddings), Amanda Wakeley gowns (for that elegant zing) and classic strapless ball gowns with fitted bodices (for that timeless, sultry look).

  • Choosing the Right Drink and Cocktails-

    According to some drink-lovers, sangria is the perfect drink to be served at a wedding. This Spanish wine punch tastes great with many dishes, and custom-made sangria cocktails can suit the flavor of the season and the color of your gown. Of course, you can’t go wrong with celebratory champagne.

  • Choosing the Right Venue-

    To make their wedding an unforgettable affair, couples are going for the extreme. Some are marrying underwater in the deep sea, some are marrying on ice-capped peaks in the Alps, while others are jumping out of planes and marrying in the air!

It’s up to you how creative, extreme or different you want your wedding to be. No matter how you chose to wed, it is a priceless moment between you and your loved one, and a memorable day for everyone involved.

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