Men’s Fashion Trends for 2012

Men’s clothing has transformed from the boring and usual to the ultra modern. With inspiring trends and colors, the male fashion enthusiast is here to make lot of bold style statements. The trendy man has  evolved from the ordinary to the extraordinary with an elevated aesthetic sense this year.

Men’s Fashion Trends for 2012

Below are some of the most popular runway trends for 2012:


This ultra-pale color palette isn’t just a staple for the ladies. Men are sporting these light hues, too. Give this trend a try by wearing a mint green polo shirt with white shorts and brown leather sandals.

Bright Colors:

On the flipside, bright hues such asterracotta oranges and vivid reds are taking center stage this spring. Pair these bright colors with fun accessories, such as multi-colored sneakers or some statement sunglasses.


This luxe fabric was seen all over the Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2012 runway. And Hermes embraced the trend with leather trenches that are soon to be a seasonal favorite.

Men’s Purses:

Handbags and clutches were seen all over the Fall 2012 runways, but in the real world, men can grab a tote or a stylish briefcase in a modified silhouette, courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana.

Wide Brim Fedoras:

Fedoras were popular in the fall of 2011, but they continue well into the spring of 2012 with a slightly wider brim, tilted to the side.

Double Breasted Suits:

The double-breasted suit has returned, albeit with a softer silhouette and less emphasized shoulders. The suit will prove to be versatile, since many style enthusiasts are wearing double-breasted jackets as a blazer to pair with jeans.

Men have a lot to choose from this year. So whether it is all about pastels or trendy suits, men sure have a reason to rule. Eye-catching prints such as snakeskin and plaids were also a hot commodity for 2012, giving men even more options to consider.

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