Wardrobe Tips for Spring & Summer of 2012

Creating a personal style is all about putting together great pieces, while keeping proportion, fit and color in mind. Infact, some wardrobe tips are essential to create a sense of inspired personal style.

Wardrobe Tips for Spring & Summer of 2012

Listed below are some wardrobe tips for spring and summer of 2012:

Modern Clutch Handbag:

Be sure to have a modern clutch handbag. These pursesare designed to accommodate your minimum needs like your money, compact, and keys. Plus, they are less obtrusive to your overall look compared to larger totes.

Full Voluminous Skirts and Dresses:

To remain on trend this season, choose large and voluminous skirts or dresses with full swings. In addition, select soft fabrics with pleated designs in a circular style that can fall comfortably over your curves. These skirts can be of any length, above the knee or below, to suit you style, stature and shape.

Skinny Belts:

Belts aren’t just there to hold up your trousers; they’re also the perfect way to accent an outfit. Chose belts in fun, spring-like colors and in patent leathers to make a statement.

Tribal Prints and Textures:

From blouses to capris, prints and patterns are all the rage this season. Look for funky prints with a color palette that blends well with existing pieces in your wardrobe and mix and match accordingly.


Embrace pale pinks, mint greens, light blues and nudes in your accessories and garments to freshen up your warm-weather wardrobe.

Color Blocking:

This season, it’s all about pairing contrasting colors with one another. Oranges and blues, pinks and yellows; anything goes this season. Just wear with confidence.

Classic Blazers:

The blazer is one of the most basic components for your personal spring and summer collection. Whether you chooseblazers with regatta contrast trims, stripes or classic nautical blazers, they’re all great purchases for this season.

Transform your wardrobe from being a boring and lifeless one to one that incorporates a variety of fabrics, hues and prints. Combine these basic style tips with your current wardrobe staples, and you’ll be all set for the spring and summer.

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