Men and Women Hair Color Trends for 2012

Experts state that picking a hair color is never easy.Finding a color that compliments your complexion and style can be daunting.To make the choice a bit easier, fashion experts have outlined several color trends for you to consider for 2012.

Men and Women Hair Color Trends for 2012

Listed below are some of the trendiest colors that can be sported in 2012:

  • Ombrè Hair Color

This trend involves transitioning your hair from light to dark or vise versa. Pop sensation Rihanna made a powerful fashion statement with her black roots and blonde tresses this year. But for regular folks looking for somethinga bit subtler, try graduating your natural hair color from light to dark. A darker root with a lighter variation of that color further down the hair shaft will be equally stylish.

  • Platinum Blonde Hair Color

This blindingly blonde style is not for everyone and is difficult to maintain. But the right complexions can pull off this popular look.

  • “Bronde” Hair Color:

Giselle Bundchen made this blend of blonde and brunette popular several years ago, but the style has picked up steam this year. The key is to paint – or balayage – two tones of blonde on select tresses at the top of the head. This is a great way to add depth and dimension to your look.

  • Copper Red Hair:

Redheads are always in style, but this variation of red is warmer than the one’s in years past. Try to steer clear of blue and purple-based reds for the most modern effect.

There is no gender bias for men or women when it comes to deciding the tints for your hair. Like women, men have vibrant, chic and defiant options to choose from to make a statement in 2012, too.

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