How to Wear Maxi Dresses this Season?

Maxi dresses are one of this season’s most coveted garments. The maxi dress offers the freedom to move in style and is easy for anyone to slide into. The secret to finding a maxi of your own is to focus on finding the right one for your figure. Whether you’re short or tall, be careful about not letting your maxi dress wear you! Tall beauties like Kate Moss can get away with almost any style. However, petite and plus-size women have to pay a bit more attention to the style and cut of the dress.

Tips For Shorter Women

While taller and slender women look graceful in long, flowing dresses, petite women can look shorter or even larger in the wrong maxi. For the petite fashionista, here are a few tips on how to find the right maxi for you:

  • Look for a dress in a slender, A-line or bias cut to appear taller. Voluminous frocks will add weight to you.
  • Pair your maxi with a comfortable pair of heels and a fitted jean jacket or cardigan. The heels will add the necessary height and wearing a cardigan or jacket will create a definitive waistline.
  • If you’re looking to conceal your tummy, look for maxis with an empire waist.

Tips For Plus-Size Women

Curvaceous ladies needn’t fret over these lengthy dresses. Maxis can have a slenderizing effect when it skims over the hips and thighs in a flattering manner. Follow these tips to find the best maxi for you:

  • Look for full-coverage busts to your dress. Plunging necklines and low backs aren’t recommended if you are busty. Wide-neck halter dresses and thick straps are also suggested.
  • Search for dresses that are made by designers who specialize in plus-size clothing. Niche designers tend to pay closer attention to details involving drape and fabric – two key components for well-made plus-size clothing.
  • Do wear bright colors and hues; but be wary of oversized patterns. Rich, solid colors such as cobalt, plum, and red are always flattering, but large, busy patterns could be distracting on a broader frame.

This season’s floating and feminine maxi dresses are perfect for any woman to flaunt. Just keep in mind that colors and prints are just as relevant as the cut of a dress.

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