What is Eco-Fashion?

Eco-fashion is the most happening thing today. Environmentally conscious fashion designers have created innovative ways to protect Mother Earth. From natural fabrics and dyes to accessories, there is an abundant supply of eco-friendly wares available to the masses. Whether we’re talking about bamboo knit dresses or heavy metal fibers, the road to environment conservation has been laid.

Fashion designers such as Indian designer Samant Chauhan are jumping on the environmental bandwagon, with decadent designs made from cotton-linen blends and silk wastes. Natural fabric designs have also gained prominence in the West, thanks in part to the threat of global warming. Designers such as Deborah Lindquisthave become quite popular for their creative, “green” garments. Lindquist’ sapparel combines recycled cashmere with other natural fabrics for minimum environmental impact.

Top 10 Eco Fashion Brands

Listed below are the names of 10 of the most popular eco fashion brands:


Known for its cynosure of cotton and organic silks.

Annie Greenabelle

Offers apparel made from recycled and organically grown fabrics.

Beyond Skin

Embraces a cruelty-free philosophy against animals andthe environment.


Known for its sustainable and durable designs, this is an award-winning United Kingdom fashion label.


Created by Ali Hewson and Bono, this brand offers organic clothing and a socially conscious agenda.


Promotes long-lasting clothing made from organic cotton.

Katharine E Hamnett

Produces popularcotton slogan tees that are eco-friendly and chic.


Known as the first all-organic denim jeans brand.

People Tree

Embraces the use of organic and fair-trade cotton, recycled material and natural dyes.

Von Wickelmann

Promotes sustainability and preppy, “green” fashion.

Fashion designers are not sitting still to make a difference. Eco fashion has not only become a trend but a stylish way to positively impact the environment. Though these garments are often available at skyrocketing prices, environmental advocates don’t seem to mind. It is a conscious and stylish step towards a better tomorrow.

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  1. OMG! I just converted to being all the way green and fashion is my LIFE, so this is right up my alley. When I bring up eco-fashion to people they say that ugly materials and potato-sack looking clothes come to mind. They’ve got it all wrong! I get compliments on my outfits and accessories all of the time and most of my wardrobe consists of eco-friendly clothing. I must be doing something right…right? It’s only one of the hottest trends in 2008.

    Besides upgrading almost my entire wardrobe, I also do other things to “keep it green” like continue to recycle and things of that nature. One of the best things that I’ve done so far was switch to bioheat. It’s AWESOME! Have you ever heard of it? It’s only the hottest thing going on in the green community right now. It’s awesome too because it’s biodegradable and non-toxic, so you can forget about breathing in all of those nasty fumes. The best part is that it’s made of heating oils blended with every day products like avocado and corn. Cool right?