Anti-Cold and Anti-Smog Clothing are Here to Stay

Student designers and eminent fiber scientistsat Cornell University have designed a dual-purpose jacket and dress that can prevent wearers from catching colds and protect them from poisonous gases, pollution,smog and smoke. A dress with similar features was also created. It’s a formidable technology that made its debut at the 24th annual Cornell Design League Fashion Show in 2008. The most interesting feature about this anti-smog jacket and dress is that they’ll never require any washing or cleaning.

What is the Cornell jacket made of?

The fashion world has never made such discovery that could have such effective health benefits. The jacket is made of cotton and has an overlying coating containing nanoparticles that provide protection against harmful elements.  Dipping the cotton fabric in a pool of synthesized particles produced the color of the jacket. The colors reflected are not from color dyes but from the arrangement and reflection of the particles.

These unique qualities were incorporated intothejacket with the efforts of a fiber science assistant professor Juan Hinestroza and a researcher named Hong Dong. Hinestroza remarked at this marvelous discovery by saying that it was the first time ever that nanotechnology had entered the fashion arena.

The price at which the jacket is quoted seems to be the only problem. Retailing at about $10,000, the jacket mightjust be too expensive to bear. Moreover, a cotton garment, studded with electrically charged nanoparticles, might not be something that people would want to wear unless required.

What is the Cornell dress made of?

Apart from the jacket, there is also a dress that the scientists have designed to protect people from pollution, smog and colds. The upper part of the dress is made of silver that contains anti-bacterial properties that can fight harmful bacteria and viruses.Silver also acts as an agent that prevents the need to wash the garment regularly. The tiny particles implanted into the dress also help in warding off stains.

In addition, the scientists havecreateda denim jacket.The jacket has a hood, sleeves and pockets that are covered in electricallycharged particles. People suffering from dust allergies or asthma can find such jackets and dresses of much use, especially when living in a crowded or polluted city.

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