Top 5 Most Popular Bags EveryWomen Should Own

As modern women have become increasingly independent and prepared for all circumstances, the handbag has become an essential accessory.The modern woman holds almost anything that may come handy in their bags, making them critical. As fashion trends have widened, the handbag industry has come out with vibrantly designed fabrics and handbag styles.

Top 5 Most Popular Bags Women Should Own:

Considering how popular handbags have become, it’s quite a shame for many who don’t possess the following varieties of handbags:

  • The shoulder bag:

A shoulder bag comes in all shapes and sizes, and can suit almost anybody, whether a student or an office-goer. Shoulder bags generally hang loose and can accommodate anything from a book, files, a wallet, to your personal makeup kit. Shoulder bags, as the name suggests, are sling bags, which are meant to be carried over the shoulder(thereby suggesting a sense of being on the move).

  • Hand-held handbag:

Hand-held handbags are meant to be held, since they are much smaller and less spacious than a shoulder bag. There is a thin line of difference between a clutch bag and a hand-held handbag. The hand-held bag, unlike the clutch bag, is designed to have a strap or handle. Such handbags are generally suitable for a shopping spree or for cruising around town.

  • Backpack:

Backpacks have a general causal appeal and most are often carried by students. The most interesting thing about a backpack is that both shoulders share the burden of the bags’ heft, which ultimately puts less pressure on the back.

  • Tote Bag:

Tote bags are usually carried on the crook of the arm, where your elbow is. Tote bags can accommodate fairly large amount of things, making them very useful for your day-to-day life. Giving a casual look, the tote bag usually has one or two compartments and is wonderfully designed, with images or simple solid colors.

  • Clutch:

A clutch bag is considered to be small and efficient. Clutch bags come without handles(though some have a removable wristlet) and can accommodate the bare essentials. Depending on the area you are going, whether to a party or a nightclub, clutch bags can look both dressy and/or casual.

It is very important to purchase a bag that suits your personality. However, it is equally important to collect as many of the above mentioned varieties of handbag in your closet, because they each attend to different occasions. The most important thing you can know about carrying a handbag is that you should enjoy carrying it wherever you go.

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