How Much Can Your Makeup Bag Hold?

Women and makeup are inseparable. So whether it means lipstick or cotton balls, your makeup bag should have the capacity to hold just about anything you want in your makeup kit. Today, there are various trendy makeup bags to choose from, like a clutch bag or a purse.

Firstly, you must search out a makeup kit that suits your needs,such as size and style. There is no point in buying a bag that cannot fit each piece of your makeup collection.

Next, focus on the fabric of the bag. As you have all your priceless makeup inside your bag, you wouldn’t want rain or a hard fall to destroy everything, right? So you must consider the quality and durability of the makeup bag you decide to purchase. Designer bags are reliable and chic, though they can get pricey. The point is, your bag should be worth the price you pay for it. So don’t be stingy; get ahold of a trendy, durable makeup bag.

What Should Your Makeup Bag Hold?

Some essentials your makeup bag should include are:

  • A small double-sided compact mirror with regular and magnified mirrors (protective compact mirrors are available within the range of $5 or more).
  • A brush kit, that includes powder, blush, eye shadow, lip, and eyebrow brushes ( worth $10 or more depending on the quality and varieties you need).
  • Foundation (pour some into a small, sealed container that will fit into your makeup bag).
  • Lipstick (in your favorite colors)
  • Lip liner
  • Lip gloss
  • Eye shadow in a variety of colors (a compact palette of colors) or pocket-sized eye shadows
  • Mascara
  • Eyeliner
  • Compact blush
  • Travel size deodorant or perfume
  • Travel size tooth brush and toothpaste
  • Tooth picks
  • Oil-blotting sheets or face cleansing cloths to keep you looking fresh

Your makeup bag is complete, if you manage to collect the entire list of basics. The challenge actually lays in fitting in the basics into your makeup bag. The size of your makeup bag, as well as the huge makeup containers can be an obstacle. So, it is as important for you to select your makeup items carefully,along with the size of the makeup bag you purchase.

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