What’s so mystic about a turquoise necklace?

Accessorize your outfit by wearing a neatly-beaded turquoise necklace, which sends out hints of mystery, charm, and spirituality. Some Native Americans refer to the turquoiseas

A piece of sky

suggestingit resemblescalm and stormy skies. The stone intrinsically reflects similar moods of tranquility and uproar with its shades of blue and green.

Turquoise is perceived to be mystical because many cultures believe that it hasthe following powers:

  • Healing
  • Protective
  • Restorative

Folklores also suggest that turquoise changes color if the person wearing it is in danger, or if they have been unfaithful in love. The stone can thereby not be reduced to being a simple fashion accessory, but one that has influenced and shaped cultures in the past.

Turquoise is generally known as December’s birthstone, and is opaque in appearance. Turquoise bands look chic when worn as chokers or neckbands, and are comfortable to wear in almost any season.While you can wear turquoise year-round, it looks best in summer when worn as a casual accessory.To dress-up turquoise, you can pair it with other jewelry types, so it will better suit a formal occasion.

It is believed that the turquoise necklaces made in Iran, from Persian turquoise, are generally more expensive. However, there are varieties of turquoise which can be purchased at affordable prices, like those available in Mexico, Egypt, and America. Popular celebrities and socialites,such as Nicky Hilton and Lari White, have been spotted flaunting turquoise necklaces. So get one for yourself, not only for its beauty,but for the value it holds in shaping so many peoples’lives.

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