Top 10 Fashion Diktats for 2008

If you’re willing to give up on your 2007 wardrobe, there is much you would need to know about 2008 fashion diktats. Wear yourself “new” this year by opening your eyes to the fashion decrees which are sweeping your city clean of arid fashions, and by speculating whether something is really going wrong with your sense of dressing.

Top 10 Fashion Diktats for 2008:

Listed below are the10 fashion diktats that you should be preparing for this year:

  • Your sandal straps should not be ill-fitting. Make sure they fit you like a glove.
  • Wear all things in moderation. Keep it simple by wearing only one “loud” piece at a time.
  • Make sure you have at least one white shirt in your wardrobe.
  • If you’re 50 years and above, consider wearing  your hair up in a well-defined hairstyle, rather than leaving it down
  • Follow in the footsteps of Kate Moss and Nicole Kidman, replicating the way they wear their accessories, clothes, shoes, color, fabrics, etc.
  • Trench coats look classy, but make sure you’re feeling confident. Your attitude makes the statement-piece work.
  • Experts opine that black and blue have long dominated the fashion world, but it’s time thatother colors take on the world of fashion. Remember black and blue are outdated.
  • Wear high heels according to the length of your legs, height, and attire.Don’t wear 6 inch heels if you’re petite; this will make it appearas if trying desperately to look tall.
  • If you’re 40 years and above, give up your mini skirt.
  • Don’t repeat trends as they come and go with the blink of an eye.

Follow the above fashion diktats this year to look fresh and unique!

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