10 Irresistible Shoes Women Shouldn’t Miss

Whether you like stacking up shoes or not, there are certain pairs you should own so you can add more vibrancy to the way you dress. Experts claim that 8 variations of shoe designs can be created from just one shoe. So no matter how choosy you get, you should to find the one that displays your intrinsic qualities and/or details.

If you’re wondering how important it is to purchase the10 pairs of essential shoes, then the answer is “very important!”By purchasing the 10 essential shoes, you will be able to wear clothing you had never imagined wearing before, because you now have the perfect pair to wear with each outfit.Now is the time to buy the 10 styles of shoes you need, that go with anything in your wardrobe.

10 Irresistible Shoes Women Shouldn’t Miss:

Pamper your feet with the 10 pairs of comfortable, stylish shoes listed below:

  • High heels (plain slip-ons)
  • Wedged Heels
  • Heels with straps
  • Sandals (either flat or heeled)
  • Sabrina shoes (slight kitten heels)
  • Training or sports shoes (sneakers)
  • A pair of chic, comfy boots (Ugg brand of boots)
  • Leather boots (with or without heels)
  • Flip flop sandals
  • Flats (either a closed or open toe)

These 10 pairs are an expansion on the8 basic shoe designs available for you.

The art of shoe selection lays in choosing the correct fit, color and heel-height which can make any outfit you wear more memorable, eye-catching, and stylish.

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