10 Favorite Fashion Picks for 2008

It’s already May and you haven’t stacked your wardrobe with the latest fashion trends of 2008? Before you get too behind, decide what you want to flaunt in the next seven months. The Fortune Magazine has a list of 5 fashion trends you need to include as part of your favorite picks this season.

Favorite Fashion Picks for 2008:

  • Listed below are 5 fashion trends, as declared by Fortune Magazine, for 2008:
  • Fashion forward sneakers
  • Cool, summery, transparent tops
  • A local boutique to hang outin that not only offers clothing, but books, coffee, music, and much more.
  • Industrial fabrics, such as the Burberry trench coat with a rubber-proof on the outside
  • Scarves, like those found at popular stores such as American Apparel (the largest clothing manufacturer in the U.S.)

Favorite Spring and Summer Collections from2008:
Light-weight, floral dresses look and feel just apt for spring and summer. This season, wear the flirtiest,most feminine clothing you can get your hands on (like a swishy or soft denim skirt). Some popular hues, fabrics, and seams for spring and summer of 2008 are listedbelow

Ultra violet satin, silk, or chiffon gowns:
Frocks with intrinsic lilac huesradiate sophistication, while being populist and comfortable.The additional tucks and creases add hints of maturity to the candy color gowns or frocks.

Clutch bags:
Clutch bags are handy, because they are spacious, and are available in this springs soft colors, like pink.

Cool Summer Caps:
Fancy footwear with strong holds, gladiator boots,orpeep toes Mixed bouquet
Strong, energetic, and striking mixes of fabrics and prints that suggest bloom. Wear those that match your mood and spirit perfectly, accompanied with a pair of versatile boots.

You’re now set to look trendy by flaunting any of the abovetrends this year!

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