How to Discover a Phony Bag?

When you’re ready to shell out large amounts on a handbag, it is for certain that you would be looking for an authentic one. However, sometimes the design or color can make you compromise with the quality or fabric of a bag. Shopkeepers have a well-tuned intuition to understand the mindset of consumers and they know exactly where to influence you to buying a low quality bag which is priced way to high than it deserves to be.

Such is the popularity of handbags at the moment that there is no stepping back for brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton, which are coming out with their unique features. However, if you want to spend your hard-earned money on something authentic, then you need to gather some hints from below.

How to Discover a Phony Bag?

Listed below are some hints to spotting a phony or fake handbag:

  • Fabric:

    Fabric tells you exactly how fake a handbag can be. Look out for stitching flaws or the leather used. For instance, pure leather has it own finish, shine and design as compared to tainted leather bags which crumple fast and look very dull.

  • Details:

    Look out for the details as authentic handbags call for more hard work and refinement. For example, a genuine bag will have double stitching, good quality zips, buckles and real diamonds attached.

  • Celebrity Brands:

    The best way to identifying an authentic brand is to watch the celebrities flaunting one of them. For instance, Louis Vuitton purses are much hyped because Jessica Simpson is seen to be carrying them more often.

  • Brands Labels:

    A brand name can occur anywhere but authentic brands have a specific spot where they put the logo or brand name. For example, a brand label on the zip or pocket, etc.

When you’re looking forward to spending so much on a handbag, then it calls for more scrutiny. The slightest intuition of the bag being fake can actually turn out to be true. Inspect the bag from the inside out to confirm that it is a genuine one.

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