10 Tricks to Spend and Save Your Dollars

Most people find it hard to hold back their desires on spotting a dress or accessory that they’ve been wanting for long. Splurging also proves to be a stress buster for many. Then how does one deal with their desire to purchase clothes, goods, etc? The key is to


your needs.

10 Tricks to Spend and Save Your Dollars

Listed below are about 10 tricks that can help you save your dollars:

  • If you’re purchasing clothes for your work station, buy that which you will feel comfortable in. Ensure that the clothes you wear suit the environment where you work in.
  • Add 3 basic colors to your wardrobe which complements your looks, and complexion. Then try doing a mix-match by purchasing a top or shirt that would go with all the 3 basic color of trousers, pants or skirts in your wardrobe.
  • Purchase clothes that feel comfortable and not that which looks as good but does not fit you well. It is absolutely essential for your clothes to fit your size and shape well to enhance your overall appeal, attitude and grace.
  • Try purchasing fabrics that are more or less comfortable to wear during all seasons.
  • Build the basics of your wardrobe with suits, pants, long-sleeved shirts, single-breasted coats, etc. Don’t rush towards looking trendy and chic without building the foundation of your closet that requires the basic essentials.
  • Accessories again form an important part of dressing-up. Organizing bags, jewelry, shoes, hose, hats, ties, pins, scarf’s, gold, silver , platinum according to what your clothes can help you save as much as you would be blindly spending on whatever you liked.
  • Consider buying the right fabrics or quality of clothes, shoes, etc. Quantity or number will only make you spend more than save. Instead, focus on buying long lasting clothes to save you from immediate splurging.
  • Shoes and hose are the building blocks for any dress. Like basic colors, remember to purchase shoes and hose that match and fit your comfort levels with the clothes you are wearing.
  • Once, you’ve purchased what you needed and accumulated almost all the basics of a wardrobe then you would need to organize, categorize and maintain your clothes and accessories. For example, hang shirts, coats that match to design ready-to-wear outfits. Keep hose, lingerie’s and socks in separate sections within zipped bags and according to their different colors and/or designs. It is then that you’ll know exactly what you have and where you need to spend.
  • Consider future use. This implies that you needn’t buy 3 black dresses of the same color. Keep in mind the basic colors you want and make sure that all 3 can go with one or one can go with at least 3 pieces which already in your wardrobe,. There is absolutely no point in spending dollars on the same color and design again and again.

The above tricks can help you stretch you dollars to accommodate just the right stuff in your wardrobe. When the foundation of your wardrobe is built with the basics, you are bound to spend less and save more along with having the trendiest colors and designs in your wardrobe. If you want to organize a money-saver wardrobe you have all the tricks to steal from above.

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