7 Keys to Lasting Impressions

Recognition is embedded in the psyche of man. So, whether an adult, teen or child each one craves for attention in his or her unique way. Lasting impressions are however created by those who have learnt the art of recognizing the self. Putting it simpler – experts are of the opinion that in a mere 30 seconds people can judge you on the basis of how you look, how you talk and what you say, of course in their subconscious mind.

Therefore, it is important for you to recognize your attributes, your strengths and weakness in order to leave powerful first impressions on others. So it calls for working on yourself to create a positive impact on others.

7 Keys to Lasting Impressions

Listed below are some easy-to-adhere keys to create lasting impressions on people:

  • Always carry a genuine smile on your face.

    It makes you look approachable and gives out positive vibes that calls for friendship and comfort.

  • Always look into the eyes of the person you are addressing.

    This reflects your confidence and belief in what you are saying.

  • Try complementing the color of your clothes with your looks and features.

    This will establish how well you know yourself. For instance, people are said to be reflect versions with different colors. Warm and cool are the main distinctions where yellows, reds, browns, etc reflect warmth of a person and blues, greens, winter white are colors that reflect the coolness of a person. In addition, your eyes, hair, skin are all assets that should go with what you wear.

  • Your hairdo should suit your hair texture and color

    . Stick to a genuine hairstyle or consult a professional hairdresser for transforming your hairstyle completely in order to look chic and attractive.

  • Always wear clothes that accentuate your body in a positive way.

    Do not send out wrong vibes by wearing ill-fitting clothes whether loose or too tight to be tearing the stitches apart.

  • Do not wear something that is in trend and that which wouldn’t suit you

    . For instance a mini skirt or hot pants, etc. Consider thinking about the occasion or the person you are going to meet and then dress accordingly. Most importantly, wear what you’re most comfortable in.

  • Spend on the right stuff

    . Do not splurge your money on things you’re never going to wear. Consider what you already have and what or how much of what you need to make shopping more of an easy job than it may seem to you.

The ball is in your court and it is absolutely unto you to give the shot you want to. More importantly, you need to understand your needs and body better to create lasting impressions on others.

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