Let People Savor the Taste of Your Jeans

Jeans are the building blocks for any wardrobe. Now a global phenomenon, the jeans have become an essential garment for almost everyone around the world. Ranging from low-waist to capri’s,

jeans have a never-dying spirit


There is however, a little twist to the “jeans tale” – that the jeans mania has made the garment come very close to becoming a gaffe, which is often stung with hideous designs, to suit anyone. Simply put, jeans have become so common and so varied that they have lost their fragrance.

“Accessorize” to Look Style Savvy

If you don’t want to accept that jeans have come of age, wear accessories to look style savvy even with a simple pair of jeans. Listed below are some tricks to dress trendy even with a simply stitched pair of jeans:

  • Low-waist jeans

    can be worn with navel diamonds or gems to highlight the cute belly button

  • Low-waist jeans

    can also look chic when worn with a fine silver chain around the waist

  • Bangles and large hoop earrings also match well with

    low-waist jeans

  • Capri’s

    look cool with a beaded or slim gold chains round the ankles. You can also carry a knapsack to flaunt a sportier look.

  • Cargo’s

    become distinct when you flaunt the “tough-guy” look with a Swiss knife, backpack and the Buddha beads

  • High-waist jeans

    can be worn with snakeskin belts to hide the height of the jeans. Avoid wearing bright, colorful or diamond studded belts to look hideously attractive.

  • Ripped jeans

    reflect a shabby and carefree look. Accentuate the very mood and style by stuffing a kerchief or hanky in your pockets which is barely stuffed and mostly hanging out loose. Do the same with your back pockets to grab more attention.

  • Loose baggy jeans

    can give you the “gangsta” look, which requires you to do a little bit of vintage shopping. Baggy style jeans generally portray the hip-hop culture with chained pocket watches running from the end of the pockets to the belt. Wear bandanas and hairnets to set a more groovy kind of look.

  • Cigarette styled jeans

    can be worn with transparent and/or colorful belts. Gold, silver and other funky accessories can also accentuate the appeal of your jeans. Avoid ethnic jewelry which will spoil the polish and style of the cigarette jeans.

You can flaunt numerous looks by wearing differently styled jeans. Avoid cheap quality and desperately studded or embroidered jeans to look fake. Instead, do justice by wearing the jeans simple and by experimenting with your accessories to highlight the mood and style of your jeans.

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