How Can Petite Beauties Dress to Kill?

Petite refers to anyone who is 5 feet and 4 inches in height and below. Short stature women often fuss over ill-fitting clothes. This usually happens because petite dresses are stitched in a particular way to suit short and dainty women. For instance, clothes for petite beauties have shorter sleeves and hems whereas the waistlines are higher.

Unless you would know these intrinsic details of dressing up, you will be frustrated and unhappy about the clothes your buy and wear.

Fashion Tips for Petite Beauties

Listed below are some tips that can help petite beauties dress successfully:

  • Classic styles:

    Fitting dresses and suits are just what petite beauties need to flaunt. Stick to straight or A-line skirts and dresses that do not have any ruffles or bows.

  • Suits:

    One color suits always makes one look taller. Well-stitched suits whether pants or skirted ones can help a petite beauty appear taller than she actually is.

  • Neutral Colors:

    Stick to neutral or less intense colors that will not overpower your short stature.

  • Vertical Stripes:

    Always wear vertical lined clothes that will make you appear taller. Avoid horizontal stripes, complicated designs and heavy fabrics like fur that will make you look bulky and short.

  • Right Heels:

    Don’t wear towering heels as your footwear wouldn’t match your stature and size. Go with heels that are not higher than 2 or 2 and half inches.

These details of dressing can help you fetch great heights while you stay petite and pretty. Don’t let your height and size restrict what you want to wear. Just believe in choosing the right fabrics, color, designs and footwear for yourself before you step out of your house.

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