5 Tricks to Renew Your Hose Collection

You could be looking frustrated and uncomfortable if not wearing the right size or color hose beneath. Hosiery, as defined by experts, is a knitted piece meant to cover your legs and feet. Hose, as it is better known, are made from typically designed fabrics (with or without lace) to provide warmth and comfort to a person wearing it. Hosieries are available in varieties such as; hold-ups or thigh-high stockings, leggings, socks, sussies (stockings held by a suspended belt), tights, panty hose, and toes socks.

5 Tricks to Renew Your Hose Collection

Listed below are few tricks that can keep you from being confused and frustrated about your hose collection:

  • Get rid of ill-fitting, faded
  • Separate hose according to their color and type and store in separate zip bags with labels telling you exactly what they contain.
  • Try sticking to a particular brand of hosiery because in that case you can always replace the old worn out one with a fresh and readily available one.
  • Buy in bulks
  • Add color and texture
  • Don’t be afraid to try new designers

An important part of being well-dressed is to be organized. Start by doing-up your hose collection to avoid the frustration and discomfort of wearing worn out and ill-fitting ones.

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