7 Get-Ups that Can Make You Look Old-Fashioned

It is very human to stick to clothes, accessories and gifts which have a sentimental attachment. There is certainly no rule to dressing or setting style statements but it very human to try and imitate what is in style and trend.

Though some clothes and accessories are considered to be all time favorites like leather handbags and knee-length black coats, there are many other facets of dressing-up that can make you look very old-fashioned.

7 Get-Ups that Can Make You Look Old-Fashioned

Listed below are some accessories and clothes that can make you look outdated and ancient:

Old Handbag

It is certainly not easy for busy women to keep with the demands of their house and office. However, you can be overlooking a vital accessory that is revealing much your outdated choice for a handbag that may require some varnishing, stitching the holes here and there or rusting zips. Instead, get a bright tote, that can withstand use.

Penny Loafers

Loafers or penny loafers are low lying leather slip-in shoes which has broad and flat heels. The loafers were worn as early as the mid-1930s. Michael Jackson set the world rocking in the penny loafers but he is behind the scenes for a while so put the loafers behind too.

Embroidered Sweaters

Gone are the days when people loved wearing the embroidered and knit sweaters. However, if you are still sticking to the crocheted and embroidered sweaters then let go of them now because the whole world has forsaken them. These should only be worn for those themed parties.

Elastic Waist Bands

You may have seen actresses flaunting the elastic waist band way back in the eighties. Broad elastic bands to hold pants and skirts are out of fashion today and can make you look very style-starved. Throw them out and opt for a neatly tailored denim.

Loose-Fitting Tops

Oversized tops worn over jeans or skirts are no more a popular apparel to adorn.. Engage in fruitful shopping this season to get hold of comfortably fitting tops of suitable colors to add grace and less bulk to your looks.

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