10 Beauty Tips for Busy Women

It is difficult for most busy women to manage their looks when household chores and official responsibilities rob most of their time. Keep looking fresh, vibrant and youthful by taking a little care of yourself through exercise, skin care, home-run pedicure or manicure sessions, etc.

10 Beauty Tips for Busy Women

Listed below are some tips that can leave a woman looking stunningly beautiful and fresh:

  • Apply sunscreen lotions to save your skin from the ultraviolet rays while going outdoors
  • Time constraints can leave your face looking bare without makeup but steal a few minutes to apply lip color that will save you from looking so plain and worked up
  • Exfoliate and massage your face for a few minutes especially when you return from work
  • To ensure a neat makeup application use natural light to wear your makeup (which can also be on your way to office) that is, if you are getting late for work
  • Brush teeth, twice a day
  • Avoid crossing your lip liner on your lips while applying the lipstick in a hurry
  • Have your eyebrows plucked and trimmed clean every 15 days
  • Ensure that you get the right shape for your eyebrows (consult a beautician or professional to decide what curve would suit you best)
  • Purchase a soft and easy to hold brush to apply blush on your cheeks, chin and forehead before rushing to office
  • Use a mild cleanser to remove the dust, dirt and makeup from your face after returning from work

This is the minimum you could do to look more cheerful, energetic and young.

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