Tips for Applying Lip Color

Lipstick application is the final step to makeup. Lip color creates a harmonious effect by blending all beauty enrichment techniques into one complete look. Ensure that your lip color is in sync with the color of your clothes and the blush colors. Take heed that the colors should be almost of the same range and intensity.

Tips to Apply Lip Color

Follow these basic tips to apply lip color:

  • Apply some foundation over your lips as a base coat
  • Start by defining the lines of your lips beginning at the v-shaped curve on your upper lip and the lower lip too, with a good shade of lip liner for skin tone
  • Fill the upper and bottom lip with a lip color of your choice either with a lip brush or a lipstick
  • Dab your lips with a tissue paper or powder to get a clean finish
  • Apply some lip gloss at the center of your lips to give them a more fuller appeal

Ensure that the lip color and carved lines along the peripheries of the lips are not distinctly visible. Try blending them as close together. The function of the lip liner is to disallow the lip color to move out of the boundaries of the well-defined lips.

Finally, close in your lips to make them a perfect blend of color and gloss. Smile and show your perfectly painted lips.

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